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Sponsor a child in Sri Lanka for $23 per month





Ceylon Students Educational Fund has been operating in Australia for the past twenty years. It is aimed at assisting poor students from Tamil regions in Sri Lanka (primarily from the North-East provinces) who have been affected by the war (i.e. by the loss of a parent and/or the primary breadwinner of the family) and face the threat of discontinuation of their studies.

As an incorporated association, the Fund has served the following objectives:

  • To promote, facilitate and assist in the education of children of Sri Lankan origin;
  • To arrange to provide emergency relief to children of Sri Lankan origin;
  • To make representation to the Government of Australia, and various Governments of the world, in relation to education of the children of Sri Lankan origin;
  • To collaborate with, assist, receive assistance from and promote other organisations engaged in similar activities.

The Fund's main office is located in Melbourne , Victoria .

Address: 20 Mossman Drive, Eaglemont, Victoria 3084, Australia.

Postal Address: P.O.Box 317. Brunswick, Victpria 3056, Australia.

TP: +61 (0) 404808250

E-Mail: kalvi.nithiyam@yahoo.com

The Fund has recently received over hundreds of requests for urgent assistance concerning Tamil students severely affected by the ongoing war in Sri Lanka . If you are interested in assisting a student, you could make contribution of $23.00 per month and become a member of the Fund.

The Fund will forward you the details of the student being assisted by you and will submit the annual report and updates for your review.



அன்ன சத்திரம் ஆயிரம் வைத்தல்
ஆலயம் பதினாயிரம் நாட்டல்
அன்ன வாயினும் புண்ணியங்கோடி
ஆங்கோர் ஏழைக்கு எழுத்தறிவித்தல்
-- சுப்பிரமண்ய பாரதி

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