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Objectives of CSEF

•  To promote, facilitate, rehabilitate and assist in the education of children of Sri Lankan origin.

•  To arrange to provide emergency relief to children of Sri Lankan origin.

•  To make representation to the government of Australia , and various governments of the world, in relation to education of the children of Sri Lankan origin.

•  To collaborate with, assist, receive assistance from and promote other persons and organizations engaged in the same or similar objectives.

•  To give, to receive and collect grants, donations, subsidies, subscriptions and gifts, whether in cash or materials.

Mr Vimal Aravinthan
+61 (0) 414446796, vimal@iinet.net.au

Mrs Satthya Sivalingam
+61 (0) 4332281961

Mrs. Vithiya Sriskantharajah
+613 9444 6916 / +61 (0) 404808250


அன்ன சத்திரம் ஆயிரம் வைத்தல்
ஆலயம் பதினாயிரம் நாட்டல்
அன்ன வாயினும் புண்ணியங்கோடி
ஆங்கோர் ஏழைக்கு எழுத்தறிவித்தல்
-- சுப்பிரமண்ய பாரதி

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